Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session #1

Session #1

The PCs were contacted by Madame Zellara concerning their history with the low life crime lord Gaedren Lamm. Her son was murdered by Lamm’s lackeys, so she wanted to see him brought to justice. The Korvosan Guard wouldn’t really help her, so she turned to the PCs, who also had a reason to hate Lamm. He apparently lives out of an old abandoned fishery. Before they left, Madame Zellara did a “Harrowing” for the PCs. This is a tarot-like set of cards that Varisians traditionally believed could foretell the future.

The PCs found Lamm and his thugs holed up in the fishery employing children to make “dock dumplings” and pickpocketing throughout the city. They killed all the thugs, Lamm, his pet alligator Gobblegut, and a shark in the waters under the fishery. They managed to keep a good portion of the children together and cooked the gator and shark to feed the kids. At Gaedren’s the party found Madam Zellara’s head and her Harrow deck. Apparently, she’d been dead for weeks, killed at the hands of Lamm’s lackeys. She is apparently now a ghost of some sort and is bound to her Harrow deck. With that deck, she can appear as an illusion and is able to cast identify 3 times per day as a 10th level caster.

Among the loot in the fishery was an awfully valuable brooch that the party determined belongs to Queen Ileosa Arabasti. As they left the place, they found riots in the street, fires burning throughout the city, the nearby order of Hellknights running amok, and shouts of “The king is dead! Long live the queen!” and “Down with the whore queen!” Apparently, King Eodred Arabasti II died while the PCs were fighting Lamm and now the city is in chaos. Korvosans have not taken very well to their queen. She’s seen as a gold digger who married the old king just to rise to power.

After returning the brooch to the queen and receiving a handsome reward from her bodyguard, the lovely Sabina Merrin, the PCs were introduced to Field Marshal Cressida Kroft, leader of the Korvosan Guard, and Commandant Marcus Endrin, leader of the Sable Company. They requested the party’s help in investigating unique situations since the Guard was stretched thin dealing with the riots. The party agreed. After leaving the Guard, the party ran into a man named Verik Vancaskerkin who was drunk and mistook a party member for an old friend. He told of his woes to the “friend” and mentioned some dealings with Sabina Merrin and a former sword teacher named Vencarlo Orisini. In so doing, he made allusions to Sabina not being interested in men. The party convinced him to sober up and helped him back to the Guard, where his fellow soldiers would see that he got sobered-up.

The first among those is some sergeant of the Guard named Grau that had gone rogue and setup shop within an old abandoned business known as “All the World’s Meat.” The party watched the place and found 4 of the former soldiers there going out at night to knock some guy out and haul his body away. They ambushed those thugs and that’s where we had to end for the evening.


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