Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session #2

Session #2

The PCs returned to All the World’s Meat and fought with the few remaining guards and confronted their leader, Grau. After explaining that his guards were doing some “side jobs” and disposing of the bodies by grinding them up into the meat being given out to the citizens, he surrendered. They managed to get from him that the meat was being provided by House Arkona, one of the noble houses in Korvosa. He was escorted back to Castle Volshyenek and handed over to Field Marshal Cressida Kroft.

After a small nudge from the GM, the party returned to the butcher shop and searched extensively to find the money stash of the former guards. The party then discussed continuing to run the butcher shop, giving out meat to the citizens during this time of chaos, but came to no real decision to pursue that idea. (especially since they weren’t sure they would continue to get meat delivered)

A few days later, the PCs were again contacted by Field Marshal Cressida Kroft. In meeting with her, they met Vencarlo Orisini, a sword master of some renown around Korvosa. It was explained that the ambassador to Cheliax, Darvayne Amprei, has been heard discussing his intent to recommend trade sanctions against Korvosa for some trumped up reason. Though this would not cripple Korvosa, it would hurt the city—especially as it’s still dealing with riots and a lack of food coming in.

Vencarlo had managed to find out on the street that Ambassador Amprei has been seen at a place called “Eel’s End” in Old Korvosa. Eel’s End is run by Devargo Barvasi, better known in the underworld as the King of Spiders. He operates a house of prostitution and gambling den out of Eel’s End. Barvasi pays his Vice Taxes, so his operation is mostly legal. Some of the PCs know that Barvasi is known to be one of the main sources of the drug shiver in the city, though.

Field Marshal Cressida Kroft would like nothing more than to shut down Eel’s End, but has no proof of any illegal activities. Nonetheless, she asks the PCs to go there and find out whatever they can about Ambassador Amprei—especially if it can be used as leverage to get him to maintain Cheliax’s relations with Korvosa. She gives the group 1,000gp to use as bribe money with the King of Spiders. Vencarlo leaves with the PCs and walks with them to Old Korvosa, taking the opportunity to thank them for getting Verik Vancaskerkin sobered up and back to the Korvosan Guard. He parts ways with the group once across the river, as his school lies in another part of Old Korvosa.

The group goes to Eel’s End, which is little more than an old dock with several boats anchored to it, and manages to intimidate their way into a meeting with Devargo Barvasi. He seems to “hold court” in the hold of an old ship that is crawling with tons of spiders, large and small. In fact, they even crawl across him without harming him. Within the room are several common thugs sitting around tables, a cage with a bedraggled psuedodragon locked in it, and a door leading to stairs down. After some negotiations about information on Ambassador Amprei that seemed to make little progress, Barvasi clapped his hands and declared that entertainment was required to prove the value of the information that the PCs sought. Thus, the group was asked to take part in some games of “Knivsies,” a game common among criminals of Riddleport. During these games, Jastad is contacted telepathically by the pseudodragon in the cage. He promises to serve the party for 1 year if they can free him, but the party doesn’t see a safe opportunity to attempt to rescue the dragon.

After several games of Knivsies, Barvasi announces that the entertainment has convinced him of the group’s sincerity and, thus, he will share the information he has. He seemed to emphasize to the common thugs in the room how important he is to the officials of the city. He hands over 2 letters that belong to Ambassador Amprei. They are obviously personal love letters between the ambassador and a married Chelaxian noble woman. It would obviously be very embarrassing if they were ever released to the public in Cheliax. The PCs deliver the letters to Field Marshal Cressida Kroft and are rewarded for their good work.

A day or two later, the PCs are traveling through the city when a group of imps descend upon them. At first, it seemed like the imps were going to overwhelm the group. After a bit of fighting, though, a group of pseudodragons joined the fray and ganged up to kill off the remaining beasts. The little fey dragons took off as soon as the battle was over, not bothering to stop to talk with the PCs.

A few more days go by before a member of the Korvosan Guard contacts the PCs to tell them that Field Marshal Cressida Kroft will be arriving to speak with them personally. She arrives, along with Commandant Marcus Endrin. They reveal to the group that Queen Ileosa Arabasti has let it be known that the real murderer of King Eodred Arabasti II is a young female painter by the name of Trinia Sabor. This information was, for some reason, not communicated directly to either the Korvosan Guard or the Sable Company. Instead, it was shared with the public at large—and this has prompted more riots and mobs moving around the city searching for this Trinia.

The PCs are, thus, hired to track down this girl and bring her in for questioning—before the mobs find her. They went to her address and manage to push their way into her small studio apartment. Just as they realize that the girl sleeping in the bed is an illusion, one of the orphans that helps the group yells out from outside, “She’s on the roof!” And so began the Shingles chase. After several minutes, they manage to tackle the girl and question her. With tears streaming down her face, she says that she didn’t kill anyone and doesn’t know anything about the death of the king. The PCs believe her story, but are stuck in a dilemma. They THINK they can trust Field Marshal Cressida Kroft, but also suspect that she’s under orders to bring the girl to the Queen. After some debate, they decide to hide the girl for now and try to get more of a feel for how much they can trust Field Marshall Kroft.

Just at the end of the evening, the group reached 3rd level.


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