Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session #3

Session #3

In this session, the PCs started out continuing to debate what they should do with Trinia Sabor, who they’ve been hiding at Madame Zellara‘s old apartment. They’re still not sure that turning her over to the Korvosan Guard would be the best decision. Ultimately, no decision has been made.

The group wanted to continue to pursue their plans of opening their own orphanage to take care of the kids they rescued from Gaedren Lamm. Field Marshal Cressida Kroft contacted them with an option. Magistrate Syl Gar, who is in charge of Expenditures for the city, has need of some help. His office handles much of the property owned by the government. When they reported to him, he explained that his office is in charge of managing the waste disposal for the city. They employ otyughs to consume the waste in the sewers underground. One of those otyughs has gone missing, apparently, and he needs folks who are combat-savvy to investigate.

So, the party went into the sewers. They found the lair where the beast usually resides empty and started looking around the nearby tunnels. They found a series of rooms where they were attacked by goblins that obviously had been experimented upon. Some of them had scaly skin. Some had amazingly long arms with claws. Most of them had glass jars embedded into the tops of their heads with colored liquid in them. When they attacked, the colored liquid bubbled and started to drain down into their heads. This seemed to give them enhanced abilities like greater strength, healing, immunity to fire, or the ability to climb walls like a spider. After some effort, the party managed to slay them all. They found the otyugh among the rooms and were forced to kill it. Lastly, a small blue skinned alchemist seemed to be in charge. He threw exploding bombs at them, but was cut down fairly quickly.

After reporting back to Magistrate Syl Gar, they received the deed to a warehouse in Old Korvosa and a property tax exemption on it for 3 years. Examining it, they determined that they would probably want to spend around 350gp to repair it, build out a 2nd floor inside it, and furnish the place for the kids. They also hired 3 people to cook, do maintenance, and watch over the kids. Monthly costs to maintain the place and take care of the 18 kids are expected to run around 30gp, including pay for the workers. The work on the building had begun.

The group again debated going back to Eel’s End to rescue the psuedodragon that was trapped there. With just 3 PCs at the session, though, they were on the fence as to whether they could handle everything.

Lastly, for the session, Field Marshal Cressida Kroft contacted the party, again, for a mission. They were introduced to Thousand Bones, the Wayfinder of the Skoan-Quah tribe of the Shoanti. The Skoan-Quah are also known as the Tribe of the Skull. They are responsible for the watching over of the ancient burial sites of the Shoanti. They are often, thus, outside of the inter-tribal fighting that often takes place. Thousand Bones‘s grandson, Ghaeken, was recently murdered by a mob of Korvosan citizens. His body was then taken away by some simpleton and sold to a necromancer named Rolth, who is suspected of being responsible for several murders in the city. The Shoanti believe that their people must enter the afterlife by having their body burned in whole, soon after their death. If they do not have this done, their souls cannot move on to join their ancestors. The Shoanti could retrieve his body in force, but this would be seen as an aggressive act by Korvosa and would likely be met with force by the city. Thus, Cressida asks the PCs to recover Ghaeken’s body in a place called The Dead Warrens, in the Gray District of the city.

The PCs go there and fight with a bunch of skeletons, and several little blue skinned guys. They encounter and kill another otyugh and some stirges. In the process, they find a few parts to a body that is obviously a Shoanti male. They find a library with some books on necromancy and disease. Lastly, they encounter a small blue skinned creature named Vreeg, who is a spellcaster. They corner him for a bit with with the use of the fly spell, he escapes and yells out, “Cabbagehead!” A little later, the group encounters him again, along with this “Cabbagehead,” a misshapen ogrekin. In the fight, the party takes a beating, but manages to slay both enemies and rescue 6 prisoners that had been kept there for weeks.

When we had to end for the night, the party had 1 room left to investigate, and still needed the left arm of Ghaeken. They got enough XP to put them a ways into 4th level, but I’ve asked them to not level up until after we complete The Dead Warrens during next session. Anyone else that didn’t attend this session, but will be joining us for the next one, can level up their characters to 4th in preparation. We’ll finish this last room quickly next month and then the others can join up. The first module is almost complete, then. There is just 1 more event that the PCs get to witness/take part in.


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