Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session #4

Session #4

We started the 4th session by finishing the last room of The Dead Warrens. The party fought some sort of zombie/golem hybrid thing ‘cuz it had the last piece of Ghaeken’s body. They never did encounter Rolth, the necromancer who allegedly bought the body. They then brought all of the parts of his body to Field Marshal Cressida Kroft. She paid them the promised 1,000gp and said she would have the remains brought to Thousand Bones. The party then leveled up to 4th.

Field Marshall Kroft then informed the group that the officials at Castle Korvosa had publicly announced that the trial of Trinia Sabor had been completed. No one was even aware she had been captured. (apparently, she had finally left the place where the PCs had been hiding her and she got caught) Kroft asked the PCs to be present at the planned beheading, since it sounded kinda fishy. As usual, Eroc tried to ask Field Marshall Kroft out, but since that was basically saying, “So, how’s about you and me have dinner after this innocent tramp gets her head cut off?” she declined.

At the beheading that night, just before Trinia was about to lose her head, she was saved by none other than Blackjack. He jumped onto the gallows, stabbed the headsman, and gave the following speech:

“Yes indeed, my queen! Let us usher in justice, but let that be justice for Korvosa, not this shambles you petulantly call a monarchy! Long live Korvosa! Down with the Queen!”

As he finished, one of the PCs yelled out to him to watch out for the headsman, who had somewhat recovered from his earlier wounding. Blackjack dodged the attack and then escaped with Trinia as the square erupted into chaos. Queen Ileosa Arabasti and her bodyguard Sabina Merrin quickly fled into the castle, while the castle guards attempted to pursue the criminals. Lictor Severs “Boneclaw” DiVri drew his sword and began—forcibly—clearing the square.

After this, the party spent the rest of the session planning out an attack upon Eel’s End to rescue the pseudodragon held captive there. They ended up hiring 10 thugs and 5 archers to help pull off the attack. Things started going wrong when some of the thugs began trying to steal money from the gambling boat early. The party narrowly missed being dropped into a trap by Devargo Bravasi, but made quick work of most of the guards. Bravasi barely managed to escape by diving into the river with only a single HP remaining. He drank a potion of invisibility and managed to get away. The party went below decks and discovered the reason Bravasi is called “The King of Spiders.” He apparently had an ettercap in the ship controlling the spiders for him to create the illusion that he was in command of them. And he apparently was creating the drug Shiver from the venom and webbings of the dream spiders that nested on the boat. The party came away with plenty of loot, including some magic items, and a pseudodragon that has promised to serve them for 1 year.


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