Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session #5

We started session #5 with the opening of book 2 in the AP.

The party was awoken one morning to the sounds of the city’s catapults firing. Rumor around the city seemed to indicate that the City Watch fired upon a ship in the river near Northpointe. Some said it was a group of pirates. Others said it was a ghost ship.

A few days later, the party was contacted by Verik Vancaskerkin because his niece was in need of help. Brienna Soldado had come down with some sort of disease and was getting worse. Her mother could barely keep the children fed, much less afford magical healing, so they party purchased a scroll of Remove Disease and cured the child. Upon waking up, she told them that she had found 50 silver coins and a dead rat in a box near the river in Old Korvosa. She spent the coins, but became sick the next day. In visiting the Soldado house, the party met Ishani Dhatri, a cleric of Abadar who was attempting to help the child with herbs.

The next day, the party was contacted by the fencing teacher Vencarlo Orisini. They visited his school in Old Korvosa and he brought out Trinia Sabor, who had apparently been hiding out at his place since being rescued by Blackjack. Vencarlo had agreed to hide the girl at his school for the rogue, but became worried over time that she would be found. He asked the party to help her escape the city. He provided a disguise for her and the party came up with a way to create a distraction near the city gates using the orphans that they were taking care of. This allowed them to get her out of town to a nearby ranch where she could hide long term.

When they returned to the city, they started seeing more and more instances of people bearing the same disease that Brienna had. They went to the Bank of Abadar and found a mob attempting to get in, panicked by the rumors of a plague spreading through the city. They successfully calmed down the people and dispersed the mob without resorting to violence. After this, the PCs met with Ishani Dhatri at the Bank, explaining what they had discovered about “tainted” money being the cause of the plague’s spread. He requested that they escort him to Citadel Volshyenek to meet with the Korvosan Guard to try to coordinate battling the epidemic.

Upon reaching the Citadel, the party came upon a scene wherein Field Marshal Cressida Kroft was giving new orders to the Guard. Many of them were assigned to escorting the Queen’s new doctor, Dr. Davaulus, in combating the plague. The PCs also saw the first of the new Grey Maidens, the elite soldiers recently created by Queen Ileosa Arabasti. In the talks about the epidemic that followed, the only real decision was to section off the city to limit movement of people in order to contain the spread of the disease. The Guard and the Queen’s Physicians dispersed to put this into action.

Field Marshal Cressida Kroft contacted the party shortly after this to ask them to investigate a place known as Racker’s Alley, where some of the plague carters have been dumping bodies, apparently. Upon entering the alley, the party was set upon by vampire spawn. The pseudodragon that had joined the group ended up getting killed in the combat. The party found the coffins of the vampire spawn in the crawlspace of a nearby toy shop and dragged them out in the sun and destroyed them permanently.

Commandant Marcus Endrin contacted the PCs a few days later asking them to investigate reports that he’d received of someone selling a supposed “cure” for the plague out of a perfume shop called “Lavendar.” They found that the whole thing was a scam put together by Vendra, the owner of the shop. They got her to surrender and delivered her to the Guard.

This was where we ran out of time and ended for the session.


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