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Campaign Rules

Character Creation
- Characters will be created using a 25 point buy for ability scores.
- Character will begin play with 3 traits, one of which must be a campaign trait (the CotCT campaign traits are found in the Player’s Guide, which is linked at the bottom of this email).
- Characters will begin play with the maximum hit points for their class. Hit points at each new level may be rolled, but you can always choose to take average, rounded up, for your class—even after rolling. This same rule applies to animal companions/mounts/familiars.
- Characters will begin play with the maximum amount of gold for their class at 1st level.

Material Allowed
- No non-Paizo published, non-Pathfinder material will be legal for play (no D&D 3.5 material, no third-party published Pathfinder material, etc.).
- Essentially, anything from a Paizo published Pathfinder book will be allowed, except for anything presented as optional rules. (no Words of Power, Hero Points, etc.)
- Material from other Adventure Paths IS allowed, except the Campaign Traits.
- The GM always reserves the right to disallow specific rules/classes/feats/spells/magic items. If that happens, you’re always free to redo your character. You should not be stuck with something after the GM bans/modifies it.

Missing a Session
If a player is missing for a session, his character may be used in an NPC capacity only so far as being able to provide missing healing/skills/knowledge and only outside of combat. If the only healer is absent, then you’ll get healing AFTER combat but not during it. Players missing a session will gain the same amount of XP as the rest of the party, but will NOT gain any of the treasure—unless the party votes to give them something. It seems silly to not give the missing wizard the spellbook you found just because he had to take his sick grandmother to the hospital.

Bringing in New Characters
I can see two instances where a player would need or want to bring in a new character: character death and boredom/dissatisfaction with current character. While I would prefer players do everything possible to keep their characters alive, I realize character deaths are sometimes unavoidable. Nevertheless, I still want character death to carry some sort of consequence. Similarly, while I would prefer players run the same character throughout the entire adventure path, I realize a character build may not play as expected and the player may lose interest in or become disenchanted with their current character and want to switch to something else. Here’s how I propose we deal with these situations:
Prior to reaching 4th Level, a player may rework or replace his current character (whether by choice or the character’s death) with no penalty. If you do so, your character retains all of the equipment and wealth that he had—even if you’ve changed to a class that can no longer use that stuff. You can always sell back stuff at 1/2 its original value and buy different stuff, if you need to.

Upon reaching 4th Level and beyond, a player may choose to replace his current character with a new character that is one experience level lower than the character it is replacing. This new character will start play with just enough experience points to make it that level and with a starting wealth equal to 75% of the character’s it is replacing.
Upon reaching 4th Level and beyond, a player whose current character dies, brings in a new character at one experience level lower that the surviving party’s APL (Average Party Level determined by added all class levels of all surviving characters together and dividing that sum by the number of surviving characters). This new character will start play one experience point shy of reaching the surviving party’s APL and with a starting wealth equal to 85% of the character’s it is replacing.

Parting Words
I do believe that covers everything for now. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. You should take time to discuss what classes and roles everyone is looking to fill, but please play characters you want to play, not characters you feel need to be played. Once you’ve decided upon and created a character, please email its stats to me (a text file, a PDF, etc.; anything that contains its name, race, class, alignment, ability scores, traits, feats, skill ranks, languages, etc.).

Oh, and I intend to start the Subject line of all emails about the campaign with [CotCT]. I would ask you guys to do the same if you can so those of us who receive a lot of emails can easily see that they’re for this campaign.

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